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Windows 10 Update Side by Side Error

“The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect…”   So, Windows 10 has updated itself and now MS Office won’t run. In fact, half the programs on the pc won’t run. […]

Oct, 24 · in Software

Make Your 802.11ac Connection Solid

If you’ve just purchased a sweet performance laptop featuring 802.11ac and are frustrated with the frequent dropped connections, it may not be your laptop.  It could be the old router you’re connecting to.  You may […]

Mar, 22 · in Wireless

Easy Encryption of Emails

Office 365 now offers endpoint to endpoint encryption for better email security.  Every email that travels from your device to Office365 is already encrypted but travelling from their servers to the designated email server has […]

Mar, 21

The Windows 8 Problem

As of July 4, 2014, Windows 7 commands 50.55% of the desktop market with just a slim 20% of desktops using Windows 8 or 8.1.  There are two reasons for this: 1.  Windows 8 is […]

Jul, 04

Android Kitkat and Exchange Issue Solved

I’ve learned early on that, when you get an android, you are going to get quirks in the OS.  If it is not half-baked, it is most certainly not quite baked. There’s no question that […]

Dec, 08

Officejet Pro X476DN

When I say this is the ultimate inkjet printer, I am not speaking in hyperbole.  This is the printer that inkjet technology was reaching for when it was first envisioned.  The print head is 8.5″ […]

Jul, 25

CNet is evil

Once the home respository of free, useful programs for the PC, has become an evil entity that is the pawn of CBS and seeks profit by installing malware on your computer. has been […]

Feb, 16



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